Nutrition Information Alcoholic Infusions

Sunset Slush - Classic Italian Ice® - Alcoholic Infusions

  • Red Sangria - red wine with MANGO, STRAWBERRY, CHERRY, LEMON and LEMON LIME Italian Ice
  • White Sangria - white wine with LEMON, LEMON LIME, CHERRY, STRAWBERRY and MANGO Italian Ice
  • The Betsy - red wine with MANGO and LEMON Italian ICE
  • The Ragpatch - white wine with LEMON LIME and MANGO Italian Ice
  • The Dream - peach schnapps drizzled over CREAMSICLE Italian Ice
  • THE OIB - coconut rum with MANGO Italian Ice
  • The SB - coconut rum with MANGO and STRAWBERRY Italian Ice
  • Carolina Blue - raspberry rum with BLUE VANILLA Italian Ice
  • Margarita - LEMON LIME Italian Ice with tequila and triple sec
  • Coco Colada - coconut rum with PINA COLADA Italian Ice
  • Pink Lemonade - STRAWBERRY and LEMON Italian Ice with Limoncello
  • Almond Delight - Amaretto with PINA COLADA Italian ICE
  • The Dare - Amaretto with BANANA Italian Ice
  • The Oki - vodka with CHERRY Italian Ice
  • Pink Flamingo - melon rum with WATERMELON Italian Ice
  • Lady Soul - Godiva chocolate liquor with COCONUT CREAM Italian Ice
  • Lemon Shark - LEMON Italian Ice with Limoncello
  • After Sunset - Godiva chocolate liquor with CREAMSICLE Italian Ice